Welcome to Bordeaux, France

The IP'15 Conference has ended.

Thank you  for attending this International Symposium that was held in Bordeaux. The success of this event was only possible with your scientific contribution, your active participation, and the support of our sponsors. The program has witnessed the dynamism of our profession and the advancement in the field of ionic polymerization and related mechanisms.


Three Poster Awards were given at the banquet on July 9, 2015. Congratulations to the winners.

WILEY award to Kevin Roos (University of Bordeaux - France)    Wiley_Wordmark_black_Copie.jpg

RSC Polymer Chemistry award to Shotaro Ito (Tokyo Inst. of Technology - Japan)    PY_Logo_black_.jpg

MDPI Polymers award to Greta Becker (Max Planck Inst. for Polym. Res. - Germany) Polymers_MDPI_01.png




The 11th International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization (IP’15) will be held at Bordeaux University in the South West of France from 5th to 10th July 2015, organized and hosted by the Laboratory of Organic Polymer Chemistry (http://www.lcpo.fr/).

IP’15 will be the latest in a series of successful meetings, the most recent of which were held in Awaji (Japan, 2013), Akron (USA, 2011), Krakow (Poland, 2009), Kloster Banz (Germany, 2007), Goa (India, 2005), Boston (USA, 2003), Crete (2001, Greece).

IP’15 has roots from the series of international symposia on Cationic, Anionic, and Ring-Opening Polymerizations, which were merged as International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization in 1995, held in Istanbul (Turkey). Decision of the merger was made in the 11th International Symposium on Cationic Polymerization and Related Processes, held in Borovetz, Bulgaria, in 1993, with the recognition of closer relationship and interplay among these polymerization methods, in view of precise control of polymer structures and macromolecular architectures. Thus this symposium on Ionic Polymerization will be the 22nd symposium as the Cationic series as well as the 11th one named "Ionic Polymerization".

Topics will cover academic and applied research in the areas of anionic, cationic, and related polymerization mechanisms. Contributions related to other methods of living/controlled polymerization (catalytic, controlled free-radical, and step-growth polymerizations) are welcome, as well as industrial applications and processes of these well-controlled polymerizations.

The conference site is located at Bordeaux INP, ideally located on the campus of the University of Bordeaux and only 25 min by tram from the city center.

This website will be updated in due course, with more detailed information about the conference. If you would like further information in the meantime, or to be added to our mailing list to receive updates on registration, please contact ip15bordeaux@enscbp.fr

Stephane Carlotti, Frederic Peruch, and Daniel Taton

(Chairs of IP 2015)



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