Mini-Symposium "Alain Deffieux"

A mini-symposium honoring Dr. Alain Deffieux, who recently retired, will be organized on Sunday 5th of July. It will start at 2:30pm and will precede the Welcome Reception of the IP'15 Conference. It is sponsored by


 It will take place on the Campus Victoire - Université de Bordeaux - Tram B "Victoire" (see access).

The provisional program is now available. It is open to all the participants of the IP'15.

Please click to download Tentative Program Mini-Symposium Alain Deffieux or see below.



Alain Deffieux obtained a PhD in Polymer Science in Pierre Sigwalt’s group, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris. Then he worked for two years as an associate researcher at North Carolina State University, USA, in Professor Vivian Stannett’s laboratory.

Alain entered the Centre National de la Recherche Scientific (CNRS) in 1974 at the Paris University and in 1986 joined as a research professor the new Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques (LCPO) with Michel Fontanille, in Bordeaux.

Alain’s research activities focused on polymer synthesis going from studies of elementary reaction processes and controlled polymerizations to the design and study of polymers with complex chain architecture. He co-authored more than 350 publications, wrote 20 book chapters and is  co-inventor of 40 patents.

Recently Alain received  the National great prize of the French Polymer Group (GFP) in 2009 and the International award of  the Japan Society of Polymer Science in  2010. He retired in 2012 and became Emeritus Resarch Professor at CNRS.


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